DIG Gardens is a place where people can come and get excited about plants. Our focus is to provide plants that are drought tolerant, easy to care for and can look beautiful in your garden and home all year round. We strive to create a designers aspect in our plant displays, with rare and unusual plant species and combinations that everyone can enjoy and can be inspired to use in your own garden at home. We seek out many of the newest varieties of all the popular plants, that you can’t find anywhere else locally – Palms, Grevilleas, Grasses, Bamboos– just to name a few.

And Succulents, succulents, succulents! We love succulents and all the amazing things you can do with these drought tolerant jewels of the garden. Our aim though, is not only to have the newest and coolest, but also to be mindful of texture, architecture, color and how these plants will perform within your landscape.  Come be inspired by our unique arrangements and talk to our experts to find the right plants for your special space.

Beyond plants for your garden, structural elements are crucial to complete your contemporary outdoor space. From statues and water features to patio furniture and pottery, we offer a range of garden elements that are made from a variety of materials like concrete, metal, and sustainable harvested wood. There is something for every gardener at DIG.