Succulent Orb Forms

Succulent Orb Forms

As featured in Sunset Magazine!

Buy this orb form to make your own hanging plant display! (A completed 12in. version is shown in the picture.) Create a plant masterpiece to hang from the ceiling or in

your patio.  The form is made from sphagnum moss and has a metal hook attached.

Complete your order with a Succulent Cutting Package. Cutting packages contain an assortment of 100 succulent cuttings. We suggest the following number of packages for our forms:

  • 1 packages for small/mini
  • 2 packages for med
  • 3 packages for large

Mini (4″ Orb) $14.99
Small (6″ Orb) $19.99
Medium (8″ Orb) $29.99
Large (12″ Orb)  $34.99

Completed (planted) orbs, with succulents, are available at the store or for special order and pick up, we cannot ship planted orbs- please call us at 831.466-3444 if you are interested.

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